July 27, 2017

Big Data 101 – A Free Course by IBM

January 18, 2017 DatabaseProNews Staff

IBM Learning Lab offers many free courses for technology professionals, but Big Data 101 is something even many experienced data professionals could find great takeaways from. With this course you get answers to fundamental questions such as: What is Big Data? How do we tackle Big Data? Why are we […]

Big Twitter Data Predicts Trends

December 7, 2016 DatabaseProNews Staff

“When you notice patterns over time, you have a suspicion that there’s an underlying reason why they happen — and maybe we can encode that in a model so that with just a little bit of data we can predict what will happen,” noted Josh Montague. Montague and Scott Hendrickson, […]

Real-Time Computation Requires Real-Time Data Streams

October 19, 2016 DatabaseProNews Staff

Grab, a Singapore based Uber type service, is so popular that if their IT infrastructure didn’t remain stable during peak usage transportation would literally ground to a halt. Grab is the leading ride sharing service in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. In the US, the Grab app […]

Google Makes Copyright Removal Database Searchable

September 7, 2016 DatabaseProNews Staff

Google released today an updated Transparency Report on their copyright removal requests from Google search results. These requests come from copyright owners who claim that sites linked to in Google search results are violating copyright laws. Often these pages are auto-scraped exact copies of a site trying to steal Google […]

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