July 27, 2017

IBM Acquires Database Specialist

December 17, 2009 Doug Caverly

A database company made it big this earlier week.  Although financial details weren’t disclosed, IBM announced yesterday that it had acquired Exeros, which should represent about as good an end for the privately held business as its owners could have hoped to see.

New Database Age May Be Dawning

December 17, 2009 Doug Caverly

Put away your (figurative) plague, chain mail, and accusations of witchcraft.  It’s time for pretty music, sketches of flying machines, and blossoming cities.  Or to speak more plainly: the database industry is supposed to be undergoing a renaissance.

Moving Desktop Based Databases into Enterprise 2.0

December 17, 2009 Bill Ives

I have written about QuickBase’s moves in the enterprise 2.0 space on this blog before (see – Changing Organization Behavior at XM Radio through Enterprise 2.0). QuickBase is an Enterprise 2.0 shareable database that lets you select ready-made online workgroup applications or templates designed to solve common business problems, customize […]

First Look: Database Builder Truviso

December 17, 2009 James Taylor

I got a second chance to chat with the folks at Truviso recently. Truviso was founded after a Professor and his PhD student, at Berkeley went back to the fundamentals of data management and predicated that in a world of highly interconnected objects it would be necessary to eliminate the […]

Converting And Integrating Data Analytics

October 14, 2009 Gary Angel

The Really Big Topics at X ChangeI’ve been doing a series of posts on thoughts from X Change Huddles and I started with two on behavioral integration of survey data – which was the very first Huddle I took part in. But this was by no means the hot topic […]

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